CommonHealth ACTION

Project Deliverables

Branding, Digital & Web Services, Print & Graphic Design, Strategy

For the better part of 20 years, CommonHealth ACTION has worked with businesses, philanthropy, governments, non-profits, and community-based coalitions to support their growth and development. Through our services, we support organizations as they seek to achieve their missions, which in turn helps us to achieve ours.

Typography & Color

A few basic rules for choosing typography and color are one, make it readable, two, make it visually appealing, and three, make sure both are inline with the overall brand aesthetic. On top of checking these boxes, we also needed to consider the strategic directive to build on the existing brand equity of the Health Improvement Partnership–Cuyahoga, while simultaneously making the HIP-Cuyahoga’s visual identity unique.

Web Design Process

Our approach to designing the new Health Improvement Partnership–Cuyahoga website is that the design needed to be just as clear as their content, showcasing their community-first approach. To achieve this, our designers pursued a visual direction that balanced the bold with the approachable, featuring a refreshed logo for a more inviting aesthetic and clean iconography that illustrated the caliber of their services.

Logos and Branding

Print and Design

We've thoroughly enjoyed our long partnership with Conceptual Geniuses and are excited to watch the organization’s impact expand into the future!

Joe Nobody

Company boss